God is so awesome. Just when you feel like your dreams have died it, he sends more fire, more rain and more refreshing, to push you into your purpose. Pain can be productive if it pushes you to pursue Godly passion. I thank God for my gifts, I thank God for my crazy friends and family, and I’m grateful to God for my life. God is awesome. And despite all that I’ve been through in my life, or last season alone, there is still more life in me, still more passion, more pursuit and more desire. Every hurricane isn’t horrible, some people and some things had to be uprooted and rerouted and thrown all around, to get off of me. To not damage or hinder me, from walking into my prophetic destiny. If your still reading this, with life and breath and your body, I need to ask you something: Why in the world are you here? What is your purpose, in this life? Despite everything that has happened to you, what is your story? And what will your story, continue to be?